Legislative Efforts

FELN works with state partners to research policy, and provide supporting materials, talking points and legislative analysis to help block or lessen the impact of voter suppression legislation across the country. This includes fighting strict photo voter ID laws, restrictive provisional ballot legislation, and misleading residency requirements. FELN also promotes positive legislative reforms through drafting bills and supporting materials to expand access to voting like:

  • online voter registration,
  • preregistration of 16- and 17-year-olds,
  • improving provisional ballot counting rules, and
  • expanding opportunities for meaningful early voting including evening and weekend hours to ensure equal access to the polls for traditionally underrepresented voters.

FELN’s legislative portfolio includes providing state specific model legislation, policy analysis, amendment drafting, talking points, and media materials.

Recent FELN Reports about Legislative Efforts

Changes in Election Laws Since 2014

Since the last midterm election state legislatures have passed a mixed bag of election legislation. It is encouraging to see so many states modernizing elections with common sense changes like automatic and online voter registration that save resources and expand access to voter registration.Good and Bad Leg. Chart

At the same time legislation that erects barriers to registration and voting are still an issue many voters face. Voter ID laws and proof of citizenship requirements can disenfranchise voters and cause confusion as these laws are challenged in court.

FELN’s summary highlights the changes made in states across the country, many of which will impact elections this year. Regardless of whether the changes are positive or negative, it is critical that voters are aware of the new opportunities or challenges they will encounter when registering or casting a ballot.