The Hill – “Judge blocks North Dakota voter ID law

A U.S. District Court judge has blocked a North Dakota law requiring voters to show identification when they go to the polls — the fifth ruling knocking down or delaying similar laws in the last two weeks.


USA Today – “Raw racism revealed in GOP voter law: Jill Lawrence

The time for denial is over.

If you want to quantify the distance Republicans have traveled since its “party of Lincoln” days, look away from Donald Trump long enough to read the federal court ruling that struck down a North Carolina voting law. It’s as damning a document as you will ever encounter.


Slate – “Federal Judge Blocks North Dakota Voter ID Law, Calling Voter Fraud “Virtually Non-Existent””

On Monday, United States District Judge Daniel Hovland blocked North Dakota’s strict 2013 voter ID law from taking effect, holding that the measure violates the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment by placing “substantial and disproportionate burdens” on Native American voters. Hovland’s decision marks the seventh judicial victory for voting rights in just over two weeks, a sudden winning streak for a longtime lost cause. The ruling further demonstrates that judges—and federal courts in particular—will no longer accept conservative legislatures’ transparently mendacious justifications for restricting minorities’ voting rights.


Wall Street Journal – “Opinion Journal: Ruling Against Voter ID Laws

Heritage Foundation Senior Fellow Hans von Spakovsky on judicial overreach in North Carolina, Wisconsin and Texas.


Think Progress – “This Is How The Supreme Court Could Stop Future Voter Suppression Laws

Last week, a federal appeals court struck down several major provisions of North Carolina’s omnibus voter suppression law, finding that state lawmakers intentionally designed the law to increase its discriminatory impact on black voters. It was an important victory for voting rights, as North Carolina’s law was widely viewed as the most aggressive voter suppression law in the nation and now it is largely neutered.




Associated Press – “Judge Won’t Require Maricopa County To Have Court-Approved Election Management Plans

An Arizona judge on Monday rejected an effort to require Maricopa County to have court-approved plans in place for managing upcoming elections.



ABC 6-TV – “Voter ID Laws Continue To Tumble — North Dakota Is Just The Latest

Voter ID laws across the country are tumbling down.

The latest state to ease its restrictions is North Dakota. A federal judge ruled the state’s strict policies for presenting IDs at polling booths leave many voters disenfranchised. The law wasn’t completely struck down, but it was blocked from being enforced.



Lawrence Journal World – “Douglas County clerk hopes court decision won’t further confuse voters

Douglas County Clerk Jamie Shew said Monday that he’s ready to carry out the Aug. 2 primary on schedule, even with a court decision last week that changes the rules regarding who is eligible to vote in which races.


KSN-TV – “Voter shaming hits Kansas again

Did you vote? Should your neighbors know if you vote?



Portland Press Herald – “Our View: All U.S. citizens should have the right to vote

There will not be a national election this fall – not really. Instead, we will have 50 state elections where officials in more than 3,000 counties administer a patchwork of different rules and ballots.



The Baltimore Sun – “A victory for voting rights

African-American voters in North Carolina won a major victory last week when a federal appeals court panel struck down a state voter ID law that would have barred hundreds of thousands of black citizens from casting ballots in the November elections. The court said the measure, passed in 2013 by the state’s GOP-controlled legislature and Republican governor ostensibly to prevent voter fraud, was in fact a deliberate attempt to disenfranchise minorities that targeted African-American voters “with almost surgical precision.” And it decisively rejected arguments that in-person voter fraud, the only kind of fraud a photo ID requirement might prevent, was a serious problem in North Carolina.



News-Review – “Craig Currier — It’s time to make voting easier

Today is Election Day and history shows about one in five registered voters in Michigan will cast a ballot.



KSPR-TV – “WATCH: Greene County turns to iPads to make election day smoother

Many Missourians are heading to the polls for the August primary election.


St. Louis Post Dispatch – “After voting debacle in April, smooth sailing so far in St. Louis County

Turnout at the polls has been light so far throughout the region, and problems few.


North Carolina:

News & Observer – “NC will defend voter ID without attorney general

Gov. Pat McCrory on Tuesday called a news conference to announce that the attorney general will not appeal last week’s ruling by three federal judges throwing out the state’s requirement that voters produce photo identification, along with other changes to election law.


Charlotte Observer – “North Carolina will defend voter ID without attorney general

North Carolina will appeal last week’s ruling by three federal judges that overturned voter photo identification and other elections law changes without help from its attorney general.


WCQS Radio – “Now That Voting Law Overturned, What Can We Expect in November?

A federal appeals court had some strong language in last week’s decision that struck down North Carolina’s 2013 voting law overhaul. The judges concluded that lawmakers had deliberately passed the law with the intent of curbing voter turnout among African-Americans.


WNCN-TV – “AG Cooper won’t defend NC in voter ID appeal

Gov. Pat McCrory said his office was informed Tuesday Attorney General Roy Cooper will not defend the state in its appeal of the voter ID ruling.


Independent Weekly – “Roy Cooper Won’t Appeal Voter ID Ruling, McCrory Says He’ll Do It Without Him

The ramifications of last week’s federal appeals court ruling that North Carolina’s racist 2013 “voter ID” law is, in fact, racist, are coming into closer focus. Today, Attorney General Roy Cooper—who’s also running for governor—announced that his office would not participate in defending the law on appeal to a higher court.


WRAL Radio – “McCrory to appeal voter ID ruling after Cooper demurs

Gov. Pat McCrory suggested Attorney General Roy Cooper should decline his salary after the state’s top lawyer refused to further defend North Carolina’s voter ID law on appeal.


CBS 3-TV – “AG Cooper will no longer defend the state’s voter ID law

North Carolina’s Attorney General will no longer defend the state’s voter ID law, Governor Pat McCrory announced Tuesday morning.



Cleveland Plain Dealer – “Ohio’s multimillion-dollar voting rights battle could prove even more costly for taxpayers

The state of Ohio has racked up more than $2.7 million in legal fees it will likely have to pay to attorneys who have engaged in a decade’s worth of litigation over voting laws passed by the state’s legislature and enforced by the secretary of state’s office.



The Tennessean – “Democrats call for changes to Tennessee voter ID law

Seizing on recent federal court decisions that have struck down voter identification laws in several southern states, Tennessee Democrats on Tuesday called for their Republican counterparts to make changes to state and federal laws.


Nashville Post – “State Dems criticize voter ID law

In 2011, the Tennessee Legislature passed one of the strictest voter identification laws in the country. The law was upheld by the state Supreme Court after a challenge by the city of Memphis in 2013, and a 2015 lawsuit by Fisk and Tennessee State University students challenging the lack of student IDs as an acceptable form of identification was thrown out of federal court.



Dallas Morning News – “Editorial: We applaud judicial smackdowns of Jim Crow-era hurdles for voters

A trio of court rulings Friday rang out a strong message across the nation: Enough with the cruel tricks that attempt to restrict Americans’ constitutional right to vote.



The Journal Times – “At forum, legislators split on roads funding, Voter ID

As they stare down a nearly $1 billion state Department of Transportation shortfall, local legislators say there won’t be any easy answers.


Daily Cardinal – “Changes made for UW-Madison student voters for Aug. 9 election

UW-Madison students may need to re-register to vote in the Aug. 9 primary election, according to a UW-Madison news release.


The Capital Times – “Plaintiffs to appeal ruling in Wisconsin voting laws case

Plaintiffs in the federal case against a series of voting policies signed into law by Gov. Scott Walker between 2011 and 2015 are appealing a ruling that went largely in their favor.


Channel 3000-TV – “Groups appeal own victory in voter ID lawsuit

Two liberal groups are appealing a legal ruling that loosens Wisconsin’s voter photo identification requirement.