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Bloomberg – “Judges Use Common Sense to Reject Voter ID Laws

Are the federal courts revolting against the U.S. Supreme Court by striking down voter identification laws? In 2008, the justices upheld Indiana’s voter ID law, and, in 2013, the court gutted the Voting Rights Act. Together these decisions signaled to the states that they could enact laws that superficially seem like reasonable protections of the voting process but actually make it harder for minorities to vote.


Roll Call – “Election Law Ground Wars Underway in Federal Courts

With the conventions over and Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton locked in a close contest, a ground-level fight for an edge in the presidential race will unfold this summer in the nation’s courts.


Bloomberg – “Texas Agrees to Looser Voter ID Rules for November Election

Texas has agreed to let registered voters without proper photo identification vote in the November presidential election if they can provide voter registration cards, certified birth certificates, utility bills, government checks, pay stubs or bank statements with their names and addresses on them.


Christian Science Monitor – “Homeland Security chief weighs plan to protect voting from hackers

On the heels of the Democratic National Convention hack and the political fallout that is ensuing months before the presidential election, the country’s Homeland Security chief said he’s considering measures that would strengthen cybersecurity protections for voting.


The Hill – “Kaine: North Carolina ID ruling could bring another 100K to polls

Sen. Tim Kaine (Va.) on Wednesday praised a court ruling that struck down parts of North Carolina’s voter identification law, saying it will likely bring an additional 100,000 people to the polls in the battleground state.




Atlanta Journal Constitution – “Georgia launches voter registration effort via text message

Georgia officials launched a new service Wednesday allowing residents to register to vote via text message.



Associated Press – “Redistricting backers want lawsuit group’s finances reviewed

The coalition seeking to change how Illinois draws political boundaries wants election officials to review political contributions to a group suing to keep redistricting off November’s ballot.



Topeka Capital Journal – “Common Cause joins court fight against against Kansas law requiring proof of citizenship to vote

A national advocacy group on the left of the political spectrum has joined a court fight against a Kansas law that requires proof of citizenship in order to register to vote.



WBUR Radio – “Widespread Judicial Action On National Voting Laws

One after another after another, voting laws nationwide that many people claimed were racially discriminatory are being struck down. Federal courts have ruled the laws were designed to make it harder for minorities to vote through tactics like requiring photo IDs or limiting early voting.


New Jersey:

The Journal News – “Voter ID laws protect elections, reputations: View

From as far back as I can remember, I’ve heard claims of illegitimate, fraudulent voting in the Town of Ramapo. Some have alleged that busloads of voters are brought in from Hasidic enclaves in Brooklyn or Kiryas Joel. This is not true, but it is what people claim, some deliberately lying and others just repeating what they’ve heard.


New Mexico:

Associated Press – “Voter ID still issue in New Mexico race amid court decisions

Recent federal court decisions have stalled or killed voter identification laws in Texas, Wisconsin, North Carolina and North Dakota. But in the Secretary of State race in the nation’s most Hispanic state, voter ID remains a hot topic with the GOP nominee saying New Mexico needs a strict voter identification law to battle fraud.


North Carolina:

Smoky Mountain News – “Voter ID law struck down in N.C.

Ruling that North Carolina’s 2013 voter identification law purposely targets African-Americans with “almost surgical precision,” the U. S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit struck down the measure last Friday, stating that there was evidence that “because of race, the legislature enacted one of the largest restrictions of the franchise in modern North Carolina history.”


Sanford Herald – “Editorial: Voter ID laws trample on constitutional rights

The Republicans in the state legislature have been taking it on the chin in the courtroom recently.


Enquirer Journal – “Voter ID law overturned

The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals overturned a North Carolina law requiring voters to present a photo identification when voting last week, sparking heated debate.



10 TV – “Kenmore Park neighborhood frustrated with new voting location

Residents in the Columbus neighborhood of Kenmore Park are arriving at their new voting location frustrated. That’s because many of them had difficulties finding it.


Cincinnati Enquirer – “Lawsuit: Ballots tossed for minor errors

Have you ever mistakenly printed the wrong date on a check? Make a similar error on a ballot, and your vote might not count in Ohio.



Ft. Worth Star Telegram – “Texas reaches deal on weaker voter ID rules for November

Texas agreed Wednesday to weaken its voter ID law, which federal courts have said discriminated against minorities and the poor and left more than 600,000 registered voters potentially unable to cast a ballot.


San Antonio Express News – “Texas, minority groups agree on temporary remedy for voter ID

Texas’ voter ID law, considered the strictest in the nation, will be significantly diluted for November’s election, and the state will spend at least $2.5 million on an education campaign, under agreed terms submitted to a federal judge Wednesday.


Austin American Statesman – “Texas agrees to ease voter ID law; plan now goes to federal judge

A federal judge is set to consider a deal by Texas officials that would ease some some of the state’s voter identification rules and end a legal fight between the state, the U.S. Department of Justice and some civil rights groups.


Texas Tribune – “Texas agrees to modify voter-ID law for November election

Texas struck a deal Wednesday that will modify its voter-ID law for the November general election — a development that lawyers suing the state say will make it easier for minorities to cast their ballots.