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New York Times – “Another Defeat for G.O.P Voting Schemes

The scurrilous campaign by Republican lawmakers in a number of states to disenfranchise qualified voters suffered another setback this week, when a federal judge ordered North Dakota to halt voter identification restrictions he said were blocking thousands of Native Americans from exercising their right to vote.


Washington Post – “Donald Trump is wrong. Rigging an election is almost impossible.”

In a span of two weeks, federal courts have struck down Republican-backed voting restrictions in six states, including laws that required strict forms of government-issued ID in order to cast a ballot, cut back on early-voting days and made it harder to register. The rulings found that the laws — in Texas, North Carolina, Michigan, North Dakota, Kansas and Wisconsin — violated the Voting Rights Act by discriminating against people of color, sometimes “with almost surgical precision.”



America’s election is at risk of being stolen: That, in essence, is what some news reports, as well as Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and his allies, have been suggesting lately.


Wall Street Journal – “Could Pokémon Go Swing the November Election?

What effect will Pokémon Go have on the November elections? Could the Pokémon craze—an estimated 50 million-plus downloads in the U.S. alone—tip the House of Representatives in the Democrats’ direction? Does the Supreme Court’s makeup for the next 25 years depend on whether young people will be too busy chasing Wigglytuff and Exeggcute to vote?


Talking Points Memo – “Kris Kobach May Be Investigated By A Grand Jury–But It’s Not What You Think

Under a seldom used provision of Kansas law, a local Democrat has successfully filed a petition with enough signatures to trigger a state grand jury investigation of Secretary of State Kris Kobach – though it’s not clear whether the grand jury probe will proceed and it’s universally agreed that there’s no evidence Kobach committed any crimes.


Huffington Post – “Is Data Undermining Our Democracy?

In this year’s election cycle, the restless, anti-establishment anger is palpable, and shared by voters on the left who felt the Bern and on the right who love the Donald. Both are animated by a conviction that the moneyed class and corporations have hijacked our democracy. Emerging from their conventions, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will vie to win over these disaffected voters. Right now, both candidates are missing a potent opportunity to publicly recognize that it is not only money producing outsized influence in our democratic system. It is data.


Facing South – “The history of the voting rights struggle is still being written

In its recent decision striking down North Carolina’s “monster voting law” for “target[ing] African Americans with almost surgical precision” and discriminating in both intent and outcome, a three-judge panel of the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals emphasized the historical discrimination that Blacks have encountered when seeking access to the ballot and made clear that the district court that previously heard the case “erred in ignoring or dismissing this historical background evidence.”


Fortune – “Here’s How Donald Trump Could Argue That the 2016 Election Is Rigged

If you thought the end of the convention season would bring a respite from political drama, think again. In fact, if recent remarks from Donald Trump’s camp are any indication, the 2016 presidential campaign warfare could last long after Americans have finished voting.




Associated Press – “Arkansas officials continue to fix voter registration rolls

Arkansas county clerks say they’re continuing to determine who has a right to vote after the state incorrectly flagged thousands of people to be removed from voter rolls.



Alton Daily News – “Lawsuit Seeks To Stop Same-Day Voter Registration

A new lawsuit seeks to stop same-day voter registration at the polls in Illinois’ largest counties.



The Boston Globe – “Mass. will have early voting for the first time this year. But are we ready?

Fewer than half of the state’s cities and towns have finalized plans to provide early voting options — newly required by state law — when Massachusetts residents go to the polls in November, according to a new survey from a coalition of public interest groups and voting advocates.


North Carolina:

Public Radio East – “Voters Still in Limbo after Federal Court Strikes Voter ID Law

Since the passing of a sweeping voting bill in 2013, North Carolina’s electoral process has been in a state of constant flux. A panel of federal court judges wrote the latest chapter of the state’s electoral saga last Friday when it decided, unanimously, that the law – which, in part, required a form of government identification to vote – was discriminatory and repealed it.


Carteret County News-Times – “Officials rework election plans

With the presidential election just three months away, a federal court ruling tossing out North Carolina’s voter ID law and other adjoining provisions has also overturned voting plans at county election offices here and across the state.


Winston Salem Journal – “Appeals court rejects North Carolina’s request to postpone voter ID decision

An appeals court has quickly decided it won’t delay enforcement of its ruling striking down North Carolina’s photo identification requirement and other election restrictions, including reducing early in-person voting by seven days.


Associated Press – “Lawsuit: Too Much Party Bias in North Carolina Congress Map

North Carolina’s Republican-drawn congressional districts were challenged again Friday, this time on arguments that politics played too much of a role in boundaries that were redrawn this year after a court identified racial gerrymandering with a previous map.



Times Reporter – “Steve and Cokie Roberts: A cure worse than the disease

One of the most important political events of the summer took place in a federal courtroom in Virginia last week. There, a three-judge panel unanimously rejected several North Carolina laws that were deliberately designed, they found, to reduce the strength of African-American voters.



The Philadelphia Tribune – “Toppling voting ID laws a win-win for democracy

Two recent federal court rulings on voter ID laws are victories for minorities and democracy.



Associated Press – “Report: Washington jails fail to provide voting access

While most of the country is actively engaged in the election process, an entire class of individuals — inmates in Washington state jails — can’t participate because the officials charged with overseeing them have failed to provide the tools and information needed to make that happen, according to a new report.


The Olympian – “New ACLU lawsuit: Pasco’s voting system weakens Latino voice

The state chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union is following up on a lawsuit that forced voting changes in Yakima with a similar case against Pasco, saying that the way the city runs its elections weakens the political voice of Latinos.



Wisconsin Public Radio – “Why Courts Around The Country Are Ruling Against Voter ID Laws

In the last two weeks, five courts in five states have ruled against voter ID laws. We talk to a political scientist about the spike in rulings on voter laws just a few months before the general election.


Racine County Eye – “Turn Up The Vote! Will Provide Free Rides To DMV For Photo ID To Vote

Volunteers for Turn up the Vote! In Racine will provide free rides and assistance to eligible voters in Racine to the DMV office in Sturtevant to obtain WI state IDs suitable for voting.