Talking Points Memo – “Mosque Prez: Florida Pol ‘Surrendered To Bigotry’ In Relocating Polling Site

A south Florida Islamic center was looking forward to joining the almost 100 churches and synagogues that serve as polling sites for Palm Beach County in November. 2016 was the first year that the Islamic Center of Boca Raton had been invited to process voters, and officials at the center started preparing soon after the county elections supervisor first reached out to them in April. They planned to serve deserts and snacks and set out chairs for older voters waiting in line.


FOX News – “Wisconsin residents without ID can vote in November, judge rules

Wisconsin residents who can’t obtain photo identification will still be able to vote in November’s general election, a federal judge ruled Tuesday, carving out an exception to state law that requires all voters to show photo IDs at the polls.


The Hill – “Federal judge blocks Wisconsin voter ID law

A federal judge in Milwaukee on Tuesday blocked a Wisconsin state law that would have required voters to show a photo identification when casting a ballot in November’s presidential election.


USA Today – “Appeals court strikes down Texas voter ID law

A federal appeals court struck down Texas’ tough voter identification law as discriminatory Wednesday, giving civil rights advocates a crucial victory in advance of the 2016 election.


The Guardian – “Texas voter ID law is illegal and must change before election day, court rules

A federal appeals court ruled on Wednesday that Texas’s strict voter ID law violates the Voting Rights Act and ordered changes before the November election.





WTSP-TV – “Supervisor of Elections warns about playing Pokémon Go on Election Day

“They could be arrested,” said Brian Corley.

Harsh words for playing a game, but Pasco Supervisor of Elections Brian Corley wants to avoid any distractions during this highly contentious election.



Honolulu Civil Beat – “Court Rules Against Elections Office In Ballot Shortage Case

The Hawaii Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that the method the state Elections Office used to order an insufficient number of ballots in the 2012 general election should have undergone an official rule-making process instead of just being an internal management decision.



WLWT-TV – “Justice Department urges reversal in Ohio voter purge case

The Justice Department is telling a federal appeals court that Ohio’s process for maintaining its voter rolls is illegally removing people.



The Texas Tribune – “Texas Voter ID Law Violates Voting Rights Act, Court Rules

Texas’ voter identification law violates the U.S. law prohibiting racial discrimination in elections, a federal appeals court ruled Wednesday.


Associated Press – “Texas’ voter ID laws struck down by federal appeals court

A federal appeals court ruled Wednesday that Texas’ strict voter ID law violates the Voting Rights Act and ordered changes before the November election.


Houston Chronicle – “Appeals court: Texas voter ID law violates Voting Rights Act

Texas’ voter ID law violates a key section of the Voting Rights Act, a federal appeals court affirmed Wednesday, striking down a controversial measure passed by the state’s Republican-led Legislature in 2011.



Daily Press – “State Supreme Court hears felon voting challenge

Virginia’s legislative and executive branches took their fight over felon voting before the state’s highest court Tuesday in a case that could redefine the governor’s power to restore civil rights and help sway the 2016 presidential race.



Patch – “Judge: Wisconsin Residents Who Lack ID Can Vote in November Election

Voters who do not have an ID card or who are unable to obtain one can officially vote in the November election after a federal judge ruled Tuesday.


Wisconsin Public Radio – “Federal Judge Says Wisconsinites Without IDs Can Vote In November

A federal judge has issued an order allowing Wisconsin residents who lack photo identification to vote in November.


Record Searchlight – “Judge allows Wis. voters without IDs to cast ballots

Paring back Wisconsin’s voter ID law four months before the presidential election, a federal judge ruled Tuesday that Wisconsin voters without photo identification can cast ballots by swearing to their identity.