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Essence – “Federal Court Rejects Law That Would Prevent Thousands Of Blacks & Hispanics From Voting

With the 2016 presidential election heating up, ensuring that everyone is able to vote without the interference of questionable legislation is imperative.

Think Progress – “How Ohio Democrats Are Responding To The GOP’s Efforts To Restrict Voting Rights

The state that hosted the Republican National Convention this week is in the midst of several legal battles over voting rights, as its Republican leaders attempt to slash the number of early voting days and purge inactive voters from its rolls. In Ohio, a crucial swing state, the fate of these policies could decide whether Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton sits in the White House next year.

New York Times – “In Texas, Fixing Voter ID Law Ruled to Be Discriminatory Will Be Tricky Task

Ever since Texas’ strict voter identification law was passed in 2011, Democratic lawmakers and minority groups had focused on how to get it struck down. This week, after a federal appeals court ruled that the law discriminated against minorities, there is a new, equally vexing question: how to fix it.

New Republic – “Republican-led voter suppression efforts just had a really bad week.

In a period of three days, restrictive voter ID laws passed by Republican statehouses in Wisconsin, Texas, and Michigan were all overturned in court. While the rulings are unlikely to affect the way those states vote in the presidential election in November—Wisconsin and Michigan are solid blue states, while Texas is deep red—there is a possibility that it could influence state election results. Voter ID laws and similar voter suppression tactics overwhelmingly affect poorer minorities who lean Democratic.

Talking Points Memo – “Clergy Put Pressure On Florida Official Who Axed Polling Site At Mosque

Clergy in Boca Raton, Florida are speaking out against a local elections official’s decision to remove a polling site from a mosque, saying Muslim houses of worship shouldn’t be treated any differently than churches or synagogues.

Business Insider – “Texas’ ‘discriminatory’ voter ID law has been struck down

Texas elections officials may not be able to enforce a voter ID requirement this fall, as a panel federal judges has agreed with a lower court and found the requirement to be discriminatory against racial minorities.




Atlanta Journal Constitution – “Georgia group allowed to keep voter registration copies longer

The State Election Board will allow a voter advocacy group to keep copies of registration forms for an extended period of time this year as the group seeks to confirm Georgia properly registered all eligible applicants ahead of the November presidential election.


Atlanta Journal Constitution – “Fulton County had issues at some early voting locations

Fulton County experienced technical problems at two early voting locations Friday.

Voters going to the East Roswell Library or East Point Library had longer wait times. They were given paper ballots until the technical issues were resolved.



Michigan Radio – “The return of straight-ticket voting

Something happened in a courtroom in Detroit Thursday that may have more impact on the November elections in Michigan than anything at the Republican convention.


North Carolina:

The News Herald – “No word if ID ruling will affect NC

A federal court this week ruled that Texas voter ID law violated the federal Voting Rights Act and needs to be weakened before the November election.



The Paris News – “The war on voting rights

On Wednesday, the United States 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled 9-6 against the Texas Voter ID law, claiming it is a direct violation of the Voting Rights Act.


Corsicana Daily Sun – “Voter ID law ruling reaction falls along party lines

It probably comes as no surprise that local reaction to Wednesday’s ruling on the Texas Voter ID law by a federal appeals court closely follows party affiliation.


KUT Radio – “Latino Voters Sue Texas Over ‘Unique Barriers’ Created by At-Large Judicial Elections

There was a little-noticed lawsuit filed in federal court this week.


Paris Post-Intelligencer – “County election official concerned about clarity of ballots

Henry County voters are in the midst of the early voting period for the Aug. 4 election here, but a local election official is concerned that many voters may not understand the makeup of the ballot for this election.


Dallas Morning News – “Latinos elated as Texas voter ID law loses another round

Each time the state’s GOP leadership has gone to court to defend its strict voter ID law, the courts have ruled against it.



Vermont Public Radio – “Adrian: Summertime Isn’t Voting Time

In Vermont we have two very clearly defined dates for voting: Election Day, the first Tuesday following the first Monday in November, and Town Meeting Day, which is the first Tuesday in March. To hold an election as important as the one that will decide all of our state elected leaders for the foreseeable future on a day other than Town Meeting or in November just doesn’t make sense. And this year, Vermont’s primary election will be held on August 9th – the very dog days of summer – which to me seems downright indefensible.



Fauquier Now – “Survey finds Fauquier polling places violate ADA

Nearly half of Fauquier’s 21 polling places violate the American with Disabilities Act, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.


Richmond Free Press – “Va. Supreme Court hears felon voting rights restoration case

Did Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe have the power to issue a blanket order restoring the rights of more than 200,000 felons?