Voting in the News - September 9, 2013


Huffington Post (VIDEO) – “This Country Was Built On Voter Suppression

San Francisco Chronicle – “Creating barriers to voting

A recent panel discussion on the Latino vote at the National Association of Hispanic Journalists, moderated by actress Eva Longoria, took a couple of unexpected turns. One was the claim of a Republican strategist who said he was blacklisted on the orders of panelist John Pérez, the California Assembly speaker, a flap that drew the most media attention.

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel – “Voter ID laws and racism

On the weekend of activities in Washington, D.C., calling for the continuing of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream for equality of opportunity, I had the chance to appear on the "Melissa Harris-Perry" national program on MSNBC.

Greenville News – “Republicans behaving as expected

My last column following the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision gutting the Voting Rights Act (VRA) was titled “Advancing backward.” Conservatives denied that the decision watered down voting rights. Events, I believe, have vindicated my predictions.

Associated Press – “Common Cause teams with techies to help voters on Election Day

The return of lever voting machines could create problems on Election Day, so Common Cause is stepping in to help voters.

Associated Press – “Futuristic voting pondered at presidential panel

Voters could one day print ballots at home like airline boarding passes, or skip traditional precincts for weekend voting at vote centers.

National Review Online – “The Latest Evidence of Voter Fraud — and Discrimination

Obama-administration officials and their liberal camp-followers who routinely claim there is no reason to worry about election integrity because vote fraud is nonexistent suffered some embarrassing setbacks last week.

The Washington Times – “KNIGHT: Blowing hot and cold on devotion to states’ rights

Holder is cool with marijuana, but not with preventing election fraud.

The Houston Chronicle – “Voting rights groups raise red flag

States and cities across the South, facing less heat from the U.S. Department of Justice over laws governing how their constituents vote, are raising alarms from voting rights groups as those jurisdictions propose changes that could turn back the gains minorities have won in the electoral landscape.

New York Post – “Hillary’s race card

Anyone who doubts that Hillary Clinton is already in fine fighting trim for a presidential run should consider her speech to the American Bar Association in San Francisco.




Alabama: – “Voter fraud, bribery claimed in Tuscaloosa lawsuit challenging election results

Kelly Horwitz filed suit in the Tuscaloosa County Circuit Court today, officially contesting the results of the election for the District 4 seat on the City Board of Education. – “Candidate denies fraud allegations claimed in lawsuit challenging Tuscaloosa election results

Representative-elect Cason Kirby responded Friday to a lawsuit contesting his election in the Tuscaloosa City Board of Education race, stating there are "no grounds" that opponent Kelly Horwitz may prove to set aside the election. – “University of Alabama does not have authority to investigate student voter fraud allegations, Bonner tells students

University of Alabama President Judy Bonner emailed the student body and faculty Saturday afternoon, breaking her silence regarding the allegations of voter fraud by UA students in recent Tuscaloosa municipal elections.



Northwest Arkansas News – “Benton County To Add Voting Precincts

Benton County, following dictates of a new state law, will create 15 more voting precincts for next year’s elections.

Northwest Arkansas News – “Rogers Requires Early Vote

Voters in the Rogers School District can cast their ballots during early voting, but there'll be no polling places open on election day this year.



Appeal-Democrat – “Letter: Voter ID laws are unfair

In response to a recent letter titled "Time to Make it no ID, no Vote," I challenge the writer's allegations.



Colorado Springs Gazette – “County clerk discounts voter fraud allegations in Colorado recall

As voters continued to cast ballots early in the recall election Saturday, questions swirled about voter fraud and ballot box stuffing.

The Pueblo Chieftain – “Activist says new election law lax

Since early voting began in the Tuesday recall election for state Sen. Angela Giron, D-Pueblo, 39 voters have registered to vote the same day they cast their ballots.

Colorado Springs Gazette – “El Paso County Clerk urges early recall voting to avoid lines

If residents in Senate District 11 vote early, the recall election phone calls and door knocks will likely stop, El Paso County Clerk and Recorder Wayne Williams suggests.

The Denver Post – “Jon Caldara votes in El Paso County after changing voter registration

Republican Jon Caldara changed his voter registration Saturday morning from Boulder to El Paso County, saying a flawed election law Democrats passed earlier this year allows him to claim residency in another jurisdiction.



Danbury News-Times – “Don't move 6th Ward polling place

It's becoming increasingly clear that the plan to move the 6th Ward polling place from the Park Avenue School to the Moose Lodge is a bad idea.



Palmetto Bay News – “Gov. Scott starts voter registration purge again

The United States Supreme Court ruled in June of this year that the long-standing portion of the Voting Rights Act that required 15 states with a history of discrimination (Florida being one of them) in voter registration obtain prior approval from the Justice Department before changing voting laws was unconstitutional.

Florida Today – “Letter: Voter suppression still affects elections

Most Americans might think our right to vote is God given. But it is not guaranteed or defined in the U.S. Constitution.

Orlando Sentinel – “Supervisor mails 30,000 postcards as Osceola updates voter rolls

Almost 30,000 registered voters will be hearing from the supervisor of elections in Osceola County this week.

Tampa Bay Times – “Rick Scott's planned purge of non-citizens from voter rolls drawing fire

Florida Gov. Rick Scott didn’t wait long before stating that he would renew the state’s efforts to remove non-citizens from voter rolls.



Cherokee Tribune – “Election board mulls consolidating voter precincts

Officials are considering a cut in the number of voting precincts in Cherokee County from 42 to 28.

The Augusta Chronicle – “Richmond County elections board hopes to trim polling sites, changes affect 2014 voting

The Richmond County Board of Elections says its proposed 2013 precinct plan – which has reduced the number of polling places – is available for review and feedback on its home page,

WMAZ-TV – “Bibb Residents Praise Convenience of Saturday Voting

Bibb County's Board of Elections set aside one Saturday for early voting, and many citizens took advantage of the opportunity.



The Rotunda – “Malls Refuse To Allow Voter Registration On Site

National Voter Registration Day is right around the corner (Sept. 24), and the League of Women Voters Hawaii is doing it’s best to get Honolulu residents registered. Voting is a part of our civic duty. It’s the backbone of democracy. And while we are voting for politicians, the act of registering to vote itself is not political.



The Topeka Capital-Journal – “Citizenship rule complicates voter sign-up for thousands

Reluctant political activist Derek Bruey remains mystified as to why state government embraced a procedure allowing Kansans to easily obtain a driver’s license and register for a potential military draft yet transformed voter registration into a bureaucratic quagmire.



The New American – “Two Sentenced in Massachusetts Vote Fraud Case

Former East Longmeadow, Massachusetts town employee Courtney Llewellyn was sentenced September 5 to one year of probation for her part in a scheme to generate fraudulent absentee ballots in a case that exposes how lax laws regarding absentee ballots make fraud relatively easy to accomplish and hard to detect.



Jackson Clarion-Ledger – “Brian Eason's The Buzz: Consent decree addresses voting rights of deceased

Under a consent decree filed last week in U.S. District Court, dead people who used to live in Mississippi’s Walthall County will no longer be allowed to vote there.



Beartooth NBC – “Voting Officials Prepare for November Elections

Even though this year is an off-year election, County Clerk and Recorder Paulette DeHart says employees at the Lewis and Clark County Elections Office are busy.


New Hampshire:

Huffington Post – “Sebastian Bradley, Son Of New Hampshire Senate Majority Leader, Voted In Two States In 2008

The son of New Hampshire's Senate majority leader was found to have voted in two states while a college student in 2008, the Union Leader reported Thursday.


New Jersey:

Daily Record – “GOP lying about need for voter ID laws”

It is very naive to speak with authority concerning an issue as important as voter ID without proper knowledge of the facts. An issue of such concern should always be dealt with in the context of historical truth, not about how someone may feel. Simply asking the question, “What’s wrong with voter ID,” presumes that the questioner understands both sides of this complex issue.


New York:


Associated Press – “NY hotline set for voter language, access issues

The New York state Attorney General's Office plans to operate a hotline during Tuesday's primary elections that voters can call if they're having language or access issues in casting ballots.


North Carolina:

Tryon Daily Bulletin – “NC voter ID bill deletes pre-registration this year

North Carolina voters will only see the change of no longer being able to pre-register at the department of motor vehicles for 16-year olds obtaining licenses for the upcoming municipal election following Gov. Pat McCrory signing a new voter ID law a few weeks ago.

Asheville Citizen-Times “New voter ID law brings state in line with nation

Everyone, please, just relax. The new North Carolina Voter ID law compares to the election laws already existing in most of the other states.

Hardball with Chris Matthews (VIDEO) – “North Carolina’s popularity suffers post-voter ID law

WRAL – “Berger touts voter ID in new ad

A new cable television spot by Senate Leader Phil Berger is spurring renewed speculation about whether he'll run for U.S. Senate.

The Washington Post – “27 other things the North Carolina voting law changes

When North Carolina Republicans passed a package of election law reforms this year, Democrats cried foul. As in other states, the new reforms required voters to show identification at the polls, and cut the number of early voting days when polling stations would be open before an election.

Los Angeles Times – “North Carolina voters fear new ID law will keep them from polls

Alberta Currie, the great-granddaughter of slaves, was born in a farmhouse surrounded by tobacco and cotton fields. Her mother, Willie Pearl, gave birth with the assistance of a midwife.



Pocono Record – “Try these ways to resolve voter ID law

I have three solutions to the present voter ID law. One succeeds in universal photo ID over time and one allows for photo ID now but will cost a lot.

Observer-Reporter – “State: Only opinion on voter ID should come from court

Mum’s the word when it comes to local election board members discussing the status of the Pennsylvania Voter ID law with prospective voters at the upcoming election.


Rhode Island:

Associated Press – “Mollis encourages RI voters to get free photo IDs during national voter registration month

Rhode Island's secretary of state is urging residents to register to vote and obtain free voter IDs.


South Dakota:

Sioux Falls Argus Leader – “No deal on voting rights lawsuit fees

An inability to agree to the wording of a joint news release has stalled negotiations between the Four Directions voting rights advocacy group and the South Dakota Public Assurance Alliance, the insurance cooperative that provides liability coverage to local government entities in the state.

ACLU Blog – “History Repeats Itself: Why Is South Dakota Denying American Indians an Equal Opportunity to Vote?

Every election, South Dakota voters have 46 days when they can vote early, which makes it easier for people to take part in our democracy. But the rules appear to be different for American Indian voters living on reservations in the state—at least according to recent actions by the South Dakota's Secretary of State, who is stonewalling a request for early voting sites in three American Indian communities.



Bloomberg – “Texas to Use Perry Voter Maps in 2014 as Court Fight Goes on

Texas can use voter maps approved by Governor Rick Perry this year to avoid delaying the state’s 2014 congressional elections, a federal court ruled.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram – “Voting rights

The debate is not about who should vote; the debate is about whether eligible voters should be limited to one vote. (See Aug. 29 letters, “The debate over who should vote”)

Fort Worth Star-Telegram – “A few obvious fixes would aid voter ID law

It shouldn’t be a problem for anyone for Texas to have a voter ID law.

After all, the Supreme Court has said it’s OK to require people to present proof that they are who they say they are, even to present valid photo ID, when they go to the polls.

Associated Press – “Court: Texas Can Use Existing Voting Maps In 2014

A federal court said Friday it will not delay Texas' primary elections and ordered the state to use political maps drawn by the Legislature — but only temporarily, while the judges sort out a complex and possibly precedent-setting lawsuit.

Dallas Morning News – “Few Texas voter-fraud cases would have been prevented by photo ID law, review shows

Attorney General Greg Abbott champions a requirement for voters to show photo identification to prevent ballot fraud. But such a rule would have deterred just a few of the cases his office has prosecuted in the last eight years.

Lubbock Avalanche-Journal – “Area Opinions: Voter ID suit will resolve questions

Howls of protest came from Republican state officials last week when the Justice Department said it would sue Texas to block the new voter ID law.



The Salt Lake Tribune – “Electronic voting machines becoming obsolete

How will voters cast ballots in the future?

"That is the million-dollar question when I meet with other election officers and directors," said Utah Elections Director Mark Thomas.

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