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Students have the right to vote in the towns and cities where they attend college. The U.S. Supreme Court upheld this right in 1979. However, students have confronted false information and hostile community members that have tried to prevent them from voting where they attend school.

FELN has been active in supporting students right to vote by encouraging election officials and college administrators to work closely with students to ensure that students have equal access to voter registration and voting. Voters under 30 will make up at least 24% of the voting population in 2012. However, only 22.8% of eligible young people voted in 2010, compared to 40.8% of all voters. Studies show that young people are no less engaged with the issues or the political process, but that restrictions such as residency rules and strict identification requirements create barriers to voting that disproportionately affect their rights. These restrictions particularly affect college students because they move frequently. In addition, local election officials are sometimes hostile to the voting rights of college students.

In addition, FELN provides the following resources:

Campus Vote Project

FELN introduced Campus Vote Project (CVP) in the winter of 2012 to empower student activists with resources to break down barriers to voting. CVP offers step-by-step advice on working with election officials and college administrators to achieve specific goals that will allow students to participate in our democracy. For a summary of the resouces CVP can offer students and administrators click here.

FELN Reports, Guides and Other Resources

General Student Voting Guide and Student Voting Guides for Several States

For a list of the voter registration deadlines for the 2014 general election in every state click here.

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