State Legislation

Below you’ll find examples of positive legislative reforms in various states. For more information on any of the below issues, please see our issue briefs.

Automatic Voter Registration

2015 California Motor Voter Bill

2015 Oregon Automatic Voter Registration Bill

Early Voting

2015 Arizona Early Voting Bill

Illinois Early Voting FAQs

Voter List Maintenance

2015 FELN Letter of List Maintenance Recommendations to Coconino County, AZ

2014 Maryland List Maintenance Bill

Online Voter Registration

2015 Florida Online Voter Registration Bill

2013 Illinois Online Voter Registration Bill


2015 Utah Pre-registration Bill

2015 Wisconsin Pre-registration Bill

 Provisional Voting

2015 Arizona Provisional Voting Legislation:

Ballot Verification, Verification Tally


Registration Deadline Splitting

2015 Arizona Registration Deadline Bill

2015 New Mexico Registration Deadline Bill

Registration Portability, Permanent Registration

2015 Arizona Statewide Registration Portability Bill

Student Voting

2015 Arizona Student ID Bill

2015 Arizona On-Campus Voting Bill

2013 Illinois On-Campus Voting Bill